Engraving machine tool use knowledge introduction
Engraving machine tool use knowledge introduction

Engraving machine tool use knowledge introduction


1, in the choice of engraving machine tool on the issue, the operator must know that the small power motor should choose a small handle knife, knife speed slow down, high power can choose a large tool handle tool! Speed can be put up.


2, carving materials are different, then choose the engraving tool is certainly different. Uncompromising need of small angle, tip of the small tool. Large text patterns do not affect the accuracy of the case as far as possible to choose a large angle and big tip. To improve the machine's largest processing efficiency, carving hardness of the material, the tool angle should be large.


3, wood engraving machine carving knife frequent broken knife in addition to the quality of the tool has a relationship, but also with your carving set, a large proportion of said that with the Jinan carving machine manufacturers also have a great relationship between the quality of the machine.


4, the use of carving knife is not as long as you can install the engraving machine on the spindle can be done, the use of sculpture also requires a very good technology! So be sure to carry out system training operators. Especially the use of woodworking engraving machine carving knife, then how can the carving knife to use the effect of which?

First of all to pay attention to the choice of blade length, in the processing of thick plate, the most suitable blade length is 2-3MM, the spindle speed of 18000-24000 r / min, the tool blade is too long can not be processed hard material plate.

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